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afzelia Twin Plank 18 mm

Available with or without a 2 mm bevel.


18 mm, build up from a 12 mm birch plywood with a 6 mm Afzelia toplayer.


18 cm


1700 - 2270 mm, a small percentage of shorter lengths may occur.

This product is sanded/knots filled delivered.


  • oil
  • UV-lacquered naturel matt/satin
  • herringbone pattern 140 x 560 x 700 mm, double groove on endsides
  • hungarian point 140 mm width, 45° or 60°







The Afzelia Twin-Plank is available in the following grade:


Common name: Afzelia

Scientific name: Afzelia spp. 

Other names: Doussie

Colour: Heartwood is a reddish brown. Well defined sapwood is a pale yellowish white. Colour tends to darken with age.

Grain/texture:  Grain is interlocked with a uniform medium to coarse texture; naturally lustrous.

Workability: Afzelia is generally considered somewhat difficult to work on account of its interlocked grain. Gluing and finishing can be variable. 

Source: The Wood Database