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Changes at Flamingo Parket

"In our German factory is mainly the multilayer parquet (Twinplank) produces. These twinplanks are available in various wood types and dimensions and contribute significantly to the total turnover of our company", says owner Lars Versteeg. "The factory in Germany is also perfectly capable to produce solid floorings. Until today these solid floorings were produced in Barneveld, but given the shrinking market for solid wood in combination with a strong growing demand for floor coatings, there has been decided to integrate their production in the German Office and factory in Barneveld fully for finishing floors".  

"Flamingo Parket has recently examined its range and a few changes will be visible in the new price list that will be published within a few weeks," Versteeg continues. “However, the changes will generally hardly be visible to the customer; both sales, administration and logistics continue to operate from Barneveld."