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About our company


Flamingo Parket B.V. in Barneveld (Holland)

Flamingo Parket produces 90% of its own products. Because the entire proces, from purchasing (directly from the sawmills) to the finishing is done by ourselves, Flamingo Parket often is 20-30% cheaper than most of the fellow manufacturers. The entire production process takes place in Barneveld. The various surface treatments and finishings of the floors, giving the floors their unique appearance such as smoking, aging, brushing, oils, etc., etc., are realized in Barneveld. Big advantage is of course the price but also the fact that a constant quality can be guaranteed.
Flamingo Parket is proud to not only produce "standard" floorings, but also on the fact that we are well known for our custom-made floors!
Europa Parket GmbH in Dömitz (Germany)

In the northern province of Germany, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, we have our second flooring-plant in a 7.000 m² big, very  modern building.  Here is our productionhall where, in addition to the production of the (top selling) Twin-Plank, regularly custom-made work is performed.

The entire process, consisting of the purchase of the logs, drying, manufacturing, sales, distribution and after sales is carried out by skilled and motivated employees.

You are assured of quality!