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PVC: Fast fashion?


PVC floor has “fast fashion” features.
The T-shirt of less than three euros, the jeans for an impossible price and the nice summer dress that you cannot ignore for such a low price. Wear it a few times, get rid of it and on to the next purchase. It may come as a surprise, but according to the American design agency Olympic Construction Services, the well-known and now quite popular PVC floor has all the traits of “fast fashion”. Highly environmentally harmful, the cheap price is a license for rapid replacement and PVC cannot or hardly be recycled responsibly. Conclusion: it is by no means a sustainable purchase.
The American agency makes the “fast fashion” comparison in a blog on its website. Extensively and convincingly documented, they substantiate their vision of the true nature of the PVC floor. The Parquet Alliance sees in this blog a firm confirmation of its positions on the PVC floor versus the wooden floor. The wooden floor is distinguished by a minimal environmental impact during the production process, has a very long lifespan, can almost always be recycled and is a sustainable storage place for CO2!
The PVC floor is the counterpart of the wooden floor in all these respects. All disadvantages are magnified by the low price, which is an incentive for short-term use and the rapid increase of the waste mountain.

American situation

 Ofcourse the blog is based on the American situation. An environment in which the use of questionable raw materials and additives, heavy environmental impact and a low recycling rate is less under the magnifying glass than in the Netherlands. Fortunately, we are a little further here and in Europe and the use of certain substances to soften PVC is already prohibited. Unfortunately, a lot of PVC floor covering still comes from outside Europe, where in general far less strict regulations are applied.

But all the objections that the blog puts forward against the use of PVC as floor covering also remain relevant in the Netherlands and Europe.

The original, English blog can be read here, the Dutch translation of this can be found at

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