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General information

Below you will find general information regarding Flamingo Parket regarding safety, transportation, humidity, etc.

Questions regarding this information, we will be happy to answer.



Safety Instructions

Wear safety gloves, safety goggles, ear protection and a face mask when using  sawing- or sandingmachinery. Observe the safety instructions associated with appropriate machinery. Keep your tools away from children.


Please mind the following when the floorings are transported: The floorings must be placed on a flat and stable surface. The floorings should not be wet. The floorings must be fixed to avoid sliding or tipping.


The timber must be installed on a flat and stable surface. At least 72 hours before finally installing the floor, the timer should be in the room where is will be installed. This for acclimating the wood.
The manufacturer bears no responsibility for possible damages caused by ignoring instructions supplied, due to transportation, installation and use of the floor, or other adverse factors which are not to the knowledge of the manufacturer. Despite several  precise controls (up to 5% of the boards) may show small differences.

Use of the floor

This wood is intended for installation indoors. It needs to be installed on a smooth and stable surface. When using this product on underfloorheating mind the instructions of the heatingsystem. This wood is not suitable for installation in rooms with high humidity such as bathrooms. The floor can be placed by the consumer, however we recommend fitting by a qualified parquet company. In both cases,  it is very important to mind the instructions.

The influence of moisture

Moisture is the most important factor with respect to shrinkage, expansion and deformation of wood. When moisture content of wood rises, the wood expand. The wood will shrink when the moisture content decreases. This phenomenon is most visible in the direction perpendicular to the grain. Along the timber inherits is negligible. Because this product has a multiplex base, in which the layers are perpendicular to each other, it is much less subject to swelling and shrinkage than, for example solid wood floorings. However, major changes in the moisture content lead to cracks in and between the boards. It is important that the subfloor is and stays dry, that when cleaning the floor a minimum of water is used (use a damp cloth, not wet) and that the relative humidity (RH) is not subject to large fluctuations. The relative humidity should be between 40 and 60%.

Base Layer

Flamingo Parket products have a plywood baselayer. This baselayer consists of 7-11 layers of peeled veneers, with mutually perpendicular wood located in adjacent layers. Depending on the type of flooring we produce our floors with a 9 mm, 12 mm or 15 mm plywood.


The top layer is bonded to the base layer by means of a PVAC glue.

Top layer

Solid hardwood is used as toplayer. There are various hardwoods and qualities available. Wood defects, where appropriate, may be filled with a waterbased powderfiller.

Release of formaldehyde

Flamingo Parket products are reviewed on E1 for formaldehyde. This is the best (lowest) emission class.

Fire Hazard

Flame spread is under investigation.

Underfloor heating

Most Flamingo Parket floors are suitable for underfloor heating, under the right conditions. Ask your dealer for the conditions. More information about underfloor heating is provided on request.

European Standards

NL13489: 202 - wood flooring - parquet multilayer elements.


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