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FLOORheating and cooling


Heating your home is increasingly realized with underfloorheating. With good advice and the use of proper wood flooring and/or laminate it should not give any problems. Of course there are some instructions you must observe and not all floors we recommend in combination with underfloorheating.


To give you a good advice we will work with you to determine which flooring is best suited to your personal needs. Based on the chosen floor you can expect proper advice from us.


It is proven that our Twin Plank is suitable for installation on underfloorheating and floorcooling provided they are correctly installed.

main heating

Gluing the parquet is necessary and gives the best efficiency. A toplayer temperature of 28 degrees can be achieved unless the heatingprotocol is followed. This corresponds to a water temperature of about 42 degrees which is generally not achieved. Floating laminate can be installed using the correct underflooring.

Additional heating

In this case you can also install the floor floating using a suitable underfloorheating.


  • Choose a woodkind with a minimum influence to climate-changes.
  • Choose a thin floor and bond it directly on the concrete floor.
  • Follow the drying- and heatingprotocol of the installer. Put no carpets or rugs on the floor.
  • Let the flow temperature not above 42o , adjust the temperature of the heatingssytem.
  • Let the surface temperature does not exceed  28o.
  • Do not turn low the heating at night.
  • Provide a humidity of at least 55% at a temperature of 18-21o
  • Tools: hygrometer and humidifier.